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Retro Game Console

I was just browsing GeekyGadgets and came across this.

For everyone who remembers shooting that damn dog because he wouldn’t stop laughing at you and everyone who remembers huddling around the screen fighting over who gets to be Yoshi so you can shoot shells at your friends, now you can experience that all again the right way. No more searching high and low for a used but good conditition SNES or NES console because now you can get the Retro Duo NES/SNES Game Console.

It has modes for both 8bit (NES) and 16Bit(SNES) which can easily be switched between. Two game ports for plugging in your original controllers along with coming with two SNES style controllers. It plays both original NES cartridges and SNES cartridges and most Japanese import games too. It has composite and s-video connectors to connect to your TV with. Finally, if the game supports is, it has stereo sound. The main console measures a compact 16cm x 17cm x 4.5cm high.

This sells for $49.99 from ThinkGeek.

If anyone gets it, I’d be interested to know how it is =)

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