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Learning Android

July 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok, time to attempt to revive this blog again. I recently decided to attempt to teach myself how to program for the Android mobile OS. This has proven to be difficult, fun, and interesting. The major hurdle that I had to get over was the fact that I am primarily a C/C++ programmer. While I’ve used many languages, the projects of which I’m most proud were coded in C and C++. I’ve tried Java many times and every time I hated it, despite it technically being my first real programming language (disclaimer: after a year of TrueBasic). I don’t fault the language however, it’s just my own personal taste. However, I really wanted to try coding for Android and thus began this adventure.
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Memory Management: Smart Pointers

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the most important things to deal with when programming is resource management. When using a language like C++ memory is one of those precious resources that are not handled for you. Whenever you deal with the heap it’s important to keep track of everything you do to prevent memory leaks and other fun bugs that can creep up on you. So what are some ways to keep ensure your program doesn’t go eating up all your important memory?

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The usefulness of adopt…

January 8, 2009 1 comment

I’m a web development programmer for a small company (the actual creation of sites consists of my boss + me, and he uses FrontPage…ugh) and about 2 years back I created a reservation system for fishing boats. This system has a nice administrative interface, dynamic calendar creation, integration with PayPal and, since it was done in about 5 weeks, doesn’t really look pretty. So I recently started working on version 2.0 of this thing. Well while doing some improvements to the form for creating a schedule I looked into using Mootools javascript framework, I’ve used it in the past to great success. Now, when creating a piece of a dynamic form where clicking a button adds a group of new fields, things can get a little tricky. Then I found the ‘adopt’ function. Read more…